[caption id=“” alt=“IMG 0610” title=“IMG_0610.jpg” border=“0” width=“3782” height=“2127”]IMG 0610Foster Floodplain Natural Area, Portland[/caption]

Micro.blog was great, as it turns out, for getting the stick out of my ass about blogging again, while also presenting enough limitations that I decided I wanted to go back to something with a few more publishing affordances.

I learned that I wanted to be able to just squirt a photo or a slightly longer thought off into the ether; and that I also wanted to be able to sit down and have a longer thought. I learned that for the former use case, I’d be happy with not a lot of niceties.

It also gave me a lot to mess around with this weekend. Still cleaning some things up but you can go back four or five pages in the history and it’s not horrific.